Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where to register your Domain name?

Want to register your Domain Name?

Save a few bucks by choosing a low - cost provider. Use ->they have great web management tools and are lessthan $10 a year. The least expensive which I found is www.1& whose price is under $6 a year.

Here are a list of other sites which can also be considered :






Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Welcome back friends ;)

Let's start the day with Why to get a Domain name? Well it is your face to the outside world. It will give you a foothold in this vast world of the Internet.

Basically , it is your address on the internet. Just as homes have addresses , websites have Domain names. It will help people to find your site.

A domain name is made up of two parts preceded by www. For example .com

The first part, google, represents the website.
The second part, com , is the extension and stands for commercial.

You have other popular extensions like org, net, biz ......

A domain name should describe your site as best as it can on the net. Because it will help you in so many ways!
1.It represents your business and shows the customer that you have an established business.
2.It provides the customer an easy way to remember and contact you.

Now is in't that important!!
So, secure it as it best represents your business.

More on that later .( I have to rush. my kids are back from school)

Hi Guys,
I have been scouring the web on how to make money on the net. Let me tell you that it has been a tough task .What with so many scams it seems difficult to find the genuine.This made me do some research and for all you friends out there who want to start a business out there on the Net. Here are a few simple steps on how to go about it.I'll be explaining the steps in detail in my future posts. So do keep a look out for them .

How to make money on the net.

Step 1.
Register a domain.

Step 2.
Buy some space on a good internet server.

Get the basic idea of a website mapped out.

Step 4.
Get someone to make your website and put it on the net.

Step 5.
Get the website approved by Google/Yahoo/MSN by submitting it free to them.

Step 6.
Register for Google AdSense and AdWords program.

Step 7. Put the Google AdSense code on different pages of your website.

Step 8.
Drive traffic to your website by using the Google AdWords program.

Yeah!! you are ready and roaring to go!